The Eid Trip To Azerbaijan, Land of Fire

Land of Fire

Finally the fun days are near.

I am so excited to share with you guys about our upcoming trip to Azerbaijan. It has been an extremely busy year for me and taking a break for the Eid Holidays is all I need.

I am still confused about packing stuff for my baby as it will be our first experience to travel abroad with a small baby. Of course I have already written down the things I need to do/pack for the trip, however, I am afraid to miss on necessary items during the stay in Azerbaijan.

So far, I have packed up baby outfits; all kinds of sweaters and jackets, just in case the weather becomes colder in Baku. I am having doubts as to which light-weight stroller to buy for Sultan to make it easier folding and pushing it around the city. On the other hand, since Sultan has started walking on his own, we will face a lot of difficulties having to push the stroller if Sultan decides not to sit in the stroller at all!

As for myself, I have gone shopping and got myself several comfy t-shirts and pairs of jeans, as we expect to go walking around the city most of the time.

I am curious to know about your first time travel experiences with your babies and the items you required during the trip. I have no idea whether I should carry along diapers and powdered formula milk, since I have no clue if the same brands I am using here in Dubai will be available at arrival in Baku.

Please do share your ideas and recommendations.

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