Sultan’s 1st two teeth!

Another Baby Milestone!

Over the past few months my baby has been teething and going through mild pain and discomfort. All due to his 2 teeth erupting in the lower gum.

He broke into tears at my attempt to check out his baby teeth lol

A close up of his first 2 teethSultans 1st teeth

We have had his first dental check up 2 months ago and it was suggested by the nurse that we clean his gums and tongue every morning. I have been trying to wipe clean his gums and tongue with gauze cloth, however, he does not allow me to insert my finger and we end up just slightly wiping the gums with water. Although the nurse gave a green light to start using baby suitable tooth paste, I am afraid to have him the paste in his mouth as he swallows everything that goes right to his mouth.

Despite of all the frightening stories I read and heard about when babies start teething, by far Sultan has been a strong boy (MashaAllah) and manages to endure the pain. A few times we had encountered him having slightly high fever and baby Adol was the only savior.

We are anxiously looking forward to having all his teeth pop out so that he may start eating chunks of food without choking (InshaAllah).

I have known mothers whose babies had suffered a lot during the teething period and it is so frustrating to imagine their pain.

If your baby has or is going through this crucial milestone I would love to hear about your methods of cure and comforting/soothing your baby.

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