Sultan has started walking on his own!

Hi Friends,

Time has come to share our exciting news on our baby’s recent and crucial milestone, walking (MashaAllah)!

It has been a month or so (around 9.5 months old) since he has started cruising with the help of a push toy that comes with several play tools attached to it. Aside from the push toy, he has been able to stand on his own by clutching the furniture, table/chairs and of course holding on to us.

DSC01005Just as so 🙂PicsArt_1432819434467

Less than a week’s time further on he had taken his first tentative steps all on his own. He would not allow us to help him. (Although some babies walk before their birthdays, many don’t start for a few months; so do not fret, all babies develop at their own pace).

He became more confident as we encouraged him to get into standing position and make his steps towards us. We kept training him daily and eventually he gained enough self-confidence to let go of furniture edges and our help.

So far, ever since he has started walking, we have not child-proofed our home, since luckily I am a stay at home mother and I am always around him to ensure that he has no access to dangerous household items, medications and chemicals etc. However, it is highly recommended to ensure child-proofing the rooms / areas where baby can easily access.

It takes lots of efforts having to run behind the baby, and ours is already able to run (MashaAllah). Keeping this in mind, I have already segregated the kitchen drawers that are at his height level and replaced the usual kitchen utensils with loads of baby safe items and toys of his interest. So when I am in the kitchen, cooking or preparing meals, he sits/stands beside me and plays with his toys, pulling them one by one out of the drawers and scattering them all around. This way he is safe and has fun while mama is busy in the kitchen, and I am at peace knowing he will not injure himself. However, I still keep a close eagle eye on him throughout.

His favorite spot is the kitchen nowadays

We knew he will start walking early as he never liked sitting down in his stroller whenever we took him out in malls. Since then we have encouraged him to stand up and make few steps. In the last couple of weeks I have been letting him walk around in the shops bare feet (of course I would wipe his feet clean with Dettol wet wipes). Now that he is walking fast enough I have introduced him to his most comfortable pair of shoes and he is still able to walk properly wearing them.


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