Baby Luggage Essentials During A Holiday

Referring to my recent holiday trip related post on 15th September, I thought to share with all new parents and couples my list of baby essential items to pack for the trip/holiday away from home.

I know that it can be hectic and frustrating planning and putting baby items together for a short trip and even more tremendous and time consuming when it comes to packing for a long visit abroad.

DSC01234Being seated calmly right before the take off:)

Long story short, here is how I started planning and packing my baby’s luggage:

  1. First and foremost, I always keep my planner updated on daily basis and this was the case with our holiday packing.
  2. Secondly, I researched about the weather conditions at our destination (Azerbaijan, Baku) for the days ahead to ensure I would not miss out warm clothing. I would still grab a few warm jackets and hats, however, since I have my friends residing there, it was a just a matter of asking them about the current weather there. Aside from that, google is always helpful:)
  3. Going forward, I started pulling out the basic daily clothes for my baby and arranging them on a flat surface to make spotting items easier. Among them were 5/6 pairs of onesies, pants, t-shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, lots of pairs of socks, 2/3 jumpsuits. Considering the weather was going to get colder, I packed 2 light jackets along with 2 baby coats and hats.
  4. Packing baby products was quite fast and easy, since I knew beforehand what items I will require on daily basis. Among them was a pack of diapers (around 30 pcs, I did not pack more as I was sure I could still buy more when we arrive). Also, I grabbed his nail clipper, baby shampoo and body wash, his body lotion and oil, lip balm, boogie wipes (soft wet wipes for runny nose), disposable plastic bag roll for dirty diapers, a thermometer, diaper rash ointment (he does not have a rash, but I just got it along for worst case scenario), wet wipes, of course few of his favorite toys, a small bottle of baby Adol, 6 feeding bottles, definitely his powdered formula can, his baby sunglasses ( he takes them off anyway, but I still took them along), and I guess last but not least, a light weight stroller to make our lives easier when out and about, keeping in mind that we would walk most of the time as the weather would allow so.
  5. Baby hand luggage consisted of emergency items. I packed this few hours before leaving home. The hand luggage included his powdered formula and 2 bottles (the flight is barely 3 hours long), few snacks for him to chew on during the flight, 1 warm jacket, 1 entertaining toy (his favorite story book and 1 rattle toy), a change of diapers, all purpose sanitizer and tissue pack, a change of clothes ( in case of blow out and food spill), his medication (Adol and teeth gel) as he was teething at the time of travelling, thermometer to measure his temperature before giving him Adol, and a bottle of room temp water.

DSC01329Sultan got to test the hotel mattress before us;)

DSC01376This is what I meant by “light weight” stroller. I love it, I can carry it with no effort whatsoever. We bought it few days before our flight date.

Sultan chilling, while mama ran behind him to feed him breakfast.

DSC01943All warmly dressed up for the country side trip to the mountains.

Items that I did not take along with us were:

  1. Bath towel, since hotel would provide it anyways.
  2. Baby blanket as he loves to sleep under 1 blanket with me.
  3. Baby car seat for the flight. He fusses when seated in his car seat, so we thought it was an excess weight to carry unnecessarily, especially that the airlines provided a baby seatbelt that can be attached to the parent holding the child.
  4. Excess number of toys, as he is not that attracted to the toys nowadays. He will play with them for a few minutes and throw them away, rather seeking our attention to play with him.

I hope that this list will help you in some way or the other to plan you trip and ensure you are fully packed for your baby’s needs, because I can imagine how desperate it would feel to realize that you have forgotten to take along that one piece, which could seem not “so” necessary.

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