The Market Day by MotherBabyClub

I have not forgotten to share the exciting event news, I have been overwhelmingly busy with my ongoing project.

Nonetheless, I am now making it up to you my dear followers and sharing a brief about the Market Day organized by the fabulous MotherBabyClub on the 30th Oct, 2015, held in Mirdif Uptown.

I can’t tell enough positive words about the event; it was simply amazing and entertaining for both kids as well as adults. The organizers ensured to provide engaging and fun activities for the kids, while the adult visitors went shopping from around the stalls.

As for me, I participated both, as a Mommypreneur debuting my products, and a visitor. I found out that there were plenty of interesting items showcased for sale. It is really worth a visit, especially that products differ from table to table. So you are exposed to a huge variety of products in the Market Day.

Here are some photos taken during the busy Market day:

20151030_191554 (2)That’s my table with my unique products:)

20151030_191613 (2)Just one more:)

Yes, I almost forgot to mention, we also got goodie bags from the MotherBabyClub with amazing and useful products custom picked from several brands.

IMG-20151031-WA0000 (2)

I personally strongly recommend every parent and residents of UAE to keep up with the MotherBabyClub on their upcoming events. There is already one event scheduled for the month of November, where I will hopefully participate as a seller.

Please do come down and join us all for a great fun time out and shopping.

You may wish to like or follow the MotherBabyClub on their Social pages:

MotherBabyClub Facebook

MotherBabyClub Instagram

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