My Non-Negotiable List

Although it has been over a week or two since I was tagged by MummyOnMyMind to share my list of non-negotiables, I had taken my own sweet time to contemplate and identify my most no-no give up list. Like most busy moms who run errands with their babies/kids tacked by the side, I too have a BIG list of my non-negotiables (don’t worry, I have limited it to just a few).

I appreciate MummyOnMyMind for nominating and passing this Non-negotiable list to me, and the initiator of this must-have and must-share list, Kate, author of Pouting in Heels blog, for their efforts in encouraging me to take part as well.

And here is my list:

  1. Frequently driving my car – is definitely on my list of non-negotiables. I have pledged myself that being a busy mom and running my own business won’t restrain me from my all-time favorite independence stimulating capability- driving. I am really good at it. I am not ready to give this up ever, not at any circumstance. I have always received positive comments on my driving skills (it’s indeed a compliment for a female driver). So yes, I am never ever giving up on my driving skills. Practice makes perfect.
  2. I have made a self-commitment to take Sultan out for dedicated, quality and fun time on weekly basis (if not every other day), without excuse. I know this is a stale one for most parents, but I want to have it included on my list lol, just to remind myself every time I check back my blog page.
  3. Get over judgmental expressions and opinions. I have learned and educated myself to completely ignore and get over others’ unsolicited points of view, be it on my parenting tactics, skills etc or anything to do with me. I totally do NOT welcome any such opinions, nor do I rush to offer mine to others. Just to pinpoint
  4. Cooking at home. I love to cook at home, although I can’t tolerate the mess created during the cooking process and get the urge to clean up after myself immediately even before the cooking is done. It is so tempting to take away/home delivery from a restaurant when you are exposed to so many cuisine varieties in Dubai. However, I am all geared up to prepare meals at home whenever I have a chance for as long as I can.
  5. No stress – no problem. Becoming an overwhelmed mommy and wife may trigger lots of stress. I have been there when I first became a mother. I have trained and promised myself that no matter what I will stay calm and peaceful at times of hardship. Taking things serious won’t solve the problem. My key to staying calm is to think back to hard times which I have presently forgotten of. All that stress is not worthwhile. So undoubtedly, efficient stress management is the way for me.


As I had mentioned, I have limited my list of non-negotiables to a few, however, I have couple of others, which I will keep to myself at this point.

And as the original tradition suggests, I would love to pass on this responsibility to these beautiful souls:

Nadine as a MUM: @nadineasamum

Mommy Z: @mommyzdiaries

Nourhan Elgouhary: @motherbabyclub

Waheeba: @dubaimother

Working Mother of 2: @working_mother_of_2

Sassy Mama Dubai: @sassymamadubai

Tarana Khan: @sandinmytoestk

Farhana: @farhanabodi


I would love to read your list of non-negotiables ladies. Just think of the list, write it down, elaborate and mention myself for nominating you as well as check out Kate’s original blog post. Extend the positive hype by sharing and inviting your friends to participate.


Thank you for reading:)


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