Help Your Child Embrace & Love Reading

Why you should read to your newborn

reading habit

Research has proven and shown that it is never too early to read a book to/with your bundle of joy. Some may say but the baby barely understands anything; that is the main reason why you should start reading to your little one, so that he grasps on vocabulary & intonation etc. Once you notice your baby enjoy the reading process, you will be tempted to make it a daily ritual. And you must.

I started reading out to Sultan as early as few weeks old. It has been almost a year and half and he is very attached to his books. He often brings his favorite book and hands it over to me to read for him.

Develop love of reading in your baby

baby loves reading

As said earlier, babies might not understand everything, if not anything, of what you read to him, but it is an initial step to help him start picking up different speech tones, rhythms, pitch in your voice and even easy new words. Another research shows that the more a baby is introduced to repeated/frequently used words, the easier it becomes for him to start reading on his own.

Children who grew up watching their parents and elder siblings read often, become more accustomed to reading on their own. They will appreciate books and enjoy reading in the long-term. In my personal experience, I know no one in my immediate family who does not read a book at least once a week. I am proud to have developed this habit in Sultan. He loves his books more than his toys. Such family routine will enhance your baby’s attitude and promote love of reading during schooling and often continue into adulthood.

Precious reading moments for parents to bond with baby

Mother reading with baby son

It is well known that babies and toddlers love their parents’ voices. What other best way to interact and teach your little one from early on, but to read to him his favorite book and the narrator being his parent. Babies first learn things from their parents, why not utilize this opportunity and bond with your baby while helping him learn and appreciate reading.

Stimulate your baby’s brain

stimulate your baby's brain

Many of us as adults often run short of vocabulary, due to lack of reading habits. Habits such as frequently reading & listening to the radio etc help our brain capture new vocabulary. Similarly, children who were read to frequently as newborns will have a richer vocabulary & do well in academic studies compared to the other kids their age. Another reason to make reading to your newborn a ritual is that by the age of starting to speak your baby will have fine language skills and confidence. In fact, if you are good at telling made up baby stories, then by no means should you refrain from doing so. No matter what you read to him, any kind of reading is still better than no reading at all. You could as well hold simple dialogues with your baby; all that matters is that he is exposed to more words on daily basis.

Improve your baby’s perception

baby books

All mamas out there whose babies have grown up and now differentiate between shapes, colors and patterns know that it was a transitional period for their babies when they were newborn up to 4 or 5 months old, when all they could do is try focusing eyes on basic patterns on a book’s or magazine’s pages. Therefore, starting early on with picturized books for babies is the most suitable form of reading to your baby. There are tons of such books designed especially for babies to touch, see and learn various shapes, textures and colors. In my personal experience with Sultan, he is fond of any colorful book or magazine. Although he has a designated corner of baby library, he loves reading newspapers and magazines too on his own (baby language).





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