The Healthy Home ME Treatment


“Keep Your Home Healthy”- motto driven company, based in Dubai, UAE.

As I had already shared a post treatment instant review of the Healthy Home ME cleaning services yesterday on my Instagram, it is now time for disclosing my thorough review on the same along with some useful researched facts and why you should have the treatment done ASAP.

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Known Facts:

Many of you might have heard or read from an online Health article excerpt that bed mattresses are invaded by 2M dust mites in an average. Since we all spend 1/3rd of our life in bed, it is only natural that the mattress will blot up millions of dust mites which feed on our dead skin flakes and sweat expelled from our bodies, that eventually increase /help grow the amount of fungi, bacteria and mites present in the mattress.


For those who live in regions with extremely high climate temperatures and humidity, like the UAE, where air conditioners are almost always working, it is the most appropriate and recommended mattress cleaning and sanitizing procedure performed by The Healthy Home ME.

In the past, where such innovative procedures were not available to the public, the most effective natural disinfectant source had always been the direct Ultra-Violet sunlight. Nowadays, on the contrary, it is out of the question to have one’s bed mattress, pillows and blankets/duvets etc laying out in the balcony /porch or veranda to absorb the sun light for three or more hours in order to kill all the dust mites. The sunlight will kill the dust mites, but it will not clear the allergen off your mattress, which is the main thing that triggers allergic reactions, such as, coughing, sneezing & wheezing. Such symptoms, if left without correct deep cleaning & sanitizing of your house, office etc surroundings could lead to some of known chronic diseases, such as Asthma, Eczema, Bronchitis and Sinusitis etc.


About The Healthy Home ME:

The good news is that The Healthy Home is here in the UAE, to replace the not-so-effective traditional treatment using the sunlight only. They are specialized in agitating and abolishing any such micro-organisms off mattresses, carpets, curtains, A/c ducts etc. Their innovative deep-vacuuming and sanitizing devices help reduce the exposure of our homes & offices etc to indoor allergens.

The Healthy Home ME makes it magically easy to get rid of dust mites that lives all around us. They recommend that mattresses be sanitized at least twice a year. The treatment is even more crucial to pregnant women, children and to those who suffer from allergies.

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My Opinion:

Overall, I am satisfied with their level and quality of service and customer care approach. From the moment the service was booked over the phone, throughout the service was being carried out, up until they completed the treatment. Highly recommend using their services.

Call the The Healthy Home ME:

Dubai 04-4425616 ; 800 SANITIZE

Instagram @healthyhomeme


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