Blossom Honey Launch in Dubai

Launch venue and its theme in photos

A heavenly view from the launch venue. Jumeirah Fishing Harbour.

A heavenly view from the launch venue. Jumeirah Fishing Harbour.

Well picked launch venue-

Well picked launch venue- Omnia Gourmet.

Entrance decoration.

Entrance decoration.

Showcasing variety of honey types to the guests and visitors.

Stunning upside-down garden themed set up. Creatively suspended honey jars from the ceiling.

Stunning upside-down garden themed set up. Creatively suspended honey jars from the ceiling.

Nature inspired theme.

Nature inspired theme.

Honey jars floating in garden.

Honey jars floating in garden.


Countless Benefits of Honey

Honey has long been known for its extraordinary healing potential. Its exceptional medical uses have been carried down from generations. Since the ancient era honey has been used to clean and protect open wounds, as it is known to accelerate the healing process as well as fight infections. The Yemeni honey is rich in antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties along with an array of potent antioxidants.


Types of honey available at Blossom Honey

  • Raw Blossom Honey & Nuts – AED 650/kg. The presence of manganese, copper and riboflavin in nuts helps in energy production and metabolic rate. Nuts are loaded with fiber and monounsaturated fats that contribute to the sensation of being full. Prevents Alzheimer, osteoporosis and regulates blood pressure.


  • Yemeni Wildflower Honey – AED 390/kg. Rich nectar of fragrant flowers from the highest Yemen mountains. Amongst all the benefits, the most impressive is the powerful immune system booster for kids. Reduces cough and throat irritation, fights infections and treats allergies. Perfect for skin’s moisturizing and nourishing effects.


  • Raw Blossom Honey, Cinnamon & Sesame Seed – AED 510/kg. It has been established that raw honey mixed with cinnamon and sesame seeds is a miraculous recipe that prevents heart diseases, regulates blood sugar, reduces LDL cholesterol levels, helps in digestion, cures skin infections, and helps in weight loss.


  • Raw Blossom Honey & Black Seed – AED 520/kg. This type of honey is a cure for every disease and especially for all types of cancers. The high content of phytosterols in black seed is necessary for our body to endocrine hormones, vitamin D and bile acid, aiding in endocrine disorders, immune deficiency and cardio-vascular diseases.


  • Yemeni Sidr Do’ani Honey – AED 530/kg. Sweet and aromatic nectar of the ancient Sidr tree in Yemen. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders, increases athletic performance, contains flavonoids and antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart diseases, regulates blood pressure.


  • Yemeni Bitter Honey – AED 950/kg. Exotic and distinctive nectar from the mysterious islands of Yemen. Extremely rare and made in limited quantities is to be used especially by diabetics. It is also known to be beneficial for lung health and revitalization of the pancreas.


  • Yemeni Sumar Honey – AED 470/kg. Powerful nectar of the Sumar tree in Yemen. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which protect the body from bacteria and boost immune system. Cold & flu symptoms, such as cough, sore throats, and congestion are also kept at bay when treated with Sumar honey.


  • Yemeni Royal Sidr Honey – AED 1900/kg. Finest and most luxurious nectar of the ancient Sidr tree in Yemen. Contains natural jelly from the queen bee and it has been reported to be good for liver, stomach, ulcers, respiratory infections, digestive problems, constipation, eye diseases, infected wounds and burns, strengthens the immune system.


  • Raw Blossom Honey & Ginger – AED 450/kg. The mixture is capable of treating asthma as well as respiratory difficulties and diseases like cough, cold, sore throat and runny nose.


  • Raw Blossom Honey & Royal Jelly – AED 650/kg. A miraculous mix for longevity and life extension. Treats ulcers, improves cardio-vascular health, and helps with inflammation and immunology. Brain function enhancement and liver protection.


  • Organic Raw White Honey – AED 495/kg. Honey from the mountains of Kazakhstan with a very unique color and texture that has an amazing explosive taste of flowers, enhances, stimulates, and boosts the memory taken in combination with walnuts and/or dates.


Having explored the variety of honey types in depth during the launch of Blossom Honey, one is tempted to purchase the entire collection of honey and store sufficient supply to cure and prevent health conditions and diseases. After all, prevention is better than cure.


With gorgeous Diana.

With the gorgeous Diana.

Goodie bag give aways- jar of honey.

Goodie bag give aways- jar of honey.


Where To Purchase

Blossom Honey can be found in Town Centre and Al Barsha Mall in Dubai.

Blossom Honey website

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