About Me

Hello & Welcome,

I am a first time mom, married and based in Dubai, UAE. I am originally from Baku,  Azerbaijan, married to an Emirati national; as a result Azerbaijani-Emirati.

I am currently a stay at home mom, maintaining my blog & enjoying my time with my baby Sultan, as well as managing my start-up company from home.

Although I have not been able to set up a blog earlier, I am quite excited with the very idea. Finally I have had the hands on experience of posting/blogging, thanks to the inspirations around me that have encouraged me to start my own blog. It has taken me quite long to research, understand and decide on how to start my own blog on the World Wide Web:)

I am intending to share, review and inform versatile information, such as baby/toddler milestones as well as my personal experiences of being a first time mom, sharing my personal reviews on brands and products and of course I am looking forward to your day-to-day encounters as moms and fashionistas.

On the other note, I am open to new projects and collaborative work. So feel free to browse my page and let me know if there is any area of interest to you that we can work together for mutual success and benefit.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on social media.