Burt’s Bees BB Cream with Noni Extract in Light shade

I have been using skin care products from Burt’s Bees for several years now. Throughout I have laid my hands on most of their hand, feet, face & body skin care products. I have dozens of favorite skin care products from Burt’s Bees, some of which are hand, face and foot creams, lotions, moisturizers etc. Since they have a huge variety of skin care products formulated for face, feet, hands, body and even hair care (which I’ve got to try ASAP), I often find it hard to choose and pick one product, because I am certain about each of their products’ results and quality. Burt’s Bees has so far never let down my expectations.

Burt's Bees skin care

With Burt’s Bees recently introducing back makeup into their product line, this amazing BB Cream did not make it to my wishlist, but straight to my shopping cart haha. Before I proceed in detailing why I love it, I would summarize and say that it is by far the most lightweight foundation and a super-hydrating lotion (just as Burt’s Bees claims it to be).

Burt's Bees BB Cream Packaging

As evident from its packaging, this BB cream comes with Noni Extract and serves 9 clinically proven benefits. Its ingredients are 98.9% all natural with SPF 15 for protection. It smoothes and evens skin tone and visibly firms, conceals, perfects, and illuminates skin. This BB Cream with SPF 15 is considered as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage.

Prior to using Burt’s Bees BB Cream with SPF 15, there were couple of other brands I tried and used over the years.  However, since I have started using the BB cream (I use it as a daily routine foundation), I have noticed drastic change in my skin. My skin has become more glowing & flawless. My skin is somewhere between fair and medium light, so the light shade of BB cream was perfect for me! I don’t even need to wear a thick layer of this cream-foundation as it has an ample coverage and blends perfectly. Unlike many other brands I used, this BB cream is very lightweight on my skin and covers up any redness or unwanted spots and blemishes.


I have not used any filter or smoothening effects. Only played a little with contrast and brightness.

Beside all the above, the most important feature of this BB cream is that I can wear it with confidence for extensive hours throughout the day knowing that it is made of all natural ingredients. Considering I live in Dubai, the city where sun shines throughout the year, this BB cream is my savior in many aspects. It is a super affordable foundation, concealer, hydrating lotion, (moisturizer I would add) & sunblock with SPF 15. What more could I ask for in a routine skin care & beauty product!

For those who are not familiar with Burt’s Bees, their products are some of the most natural products I have ever used and I vouch for their product quality, desired results and amazing ingredients, which in most of their products are at least 95% natural.

You can purchase yours online from www.dubai-store.me. Similarly you can find the store on Instagram.

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored to write a review on this product. The above is my personal and independent honest review.

Create Natural and Defined Eyebrow Look With Eyebrow “Tattoo” Pen

As you might have guessed already, the post is about my recent successful experiment with the Eyebrow Tattoo Pen from the Mikyaji line of makeup products. It is not really a “tattoo” pen as the name suggests, but it imitates the look and feel. This specific pen comes in 3 shades I believe (light brown, dark brown and black), however, I have been using mine in shade # 901. As far as I remember I got it in Dubai Festival City, Mikyaji shop, cannot recall exact price, but somewhere in the range of AED40-80.

That’s how the packaging looks like


I just could not resist not sharing this post, as I believe many busy women and moms would love to save some time doing their makeup with hectic time schedules; since eyebrows play a big role in bringing out the natural face beauty. I bought this eyebrow pen right before my recent Eid Al Adha trip abroad and it was a piece of cake applying it.

Thankfully I have been gifted quite a thick and broad pair of eyebrows by nature, which I groom myself way thinner than they are originally. I rarely trust my eyebrow job to a parlor, except for if I would be going for tinting them once in a while. However, since recently I have developed a sensitive skin around my eye area, I have decided to withdraw from any such eyebrow tinting due to chemical consistency of the products used in the salons. Hence the need for an easily applicable product;)

Ever since I have become a mom, it is quite hard to find time/ occasion to frequently use heavy makeup with my busy schedule caring for my baby. Nevertheless, I tend to reserve wearing a slight makeup when going out with family.

With very little time available, this eyebrow tattoo pen is my 3rd most important step of makeup routine. I have used several other types of eyebrow shadows, pencils etc in the past, however, I figured out that it would take me about 10-15 minutes in average to apply and create the eyebrow shape that would leave me satisfied with the look. Considering the fact that every mom’s time is very limited for herself during the day, I have not been spending any more than 3 minutes applying this tattoo pen on my eyebrows. Which is why I love it and highly recommend it for all on-the-go moms and busy women.

It has really made it easier and simpler for me to create that defined eyebrow look and save some time efficiently, without any mess or frustration trying to attend to my baby and do my gorgeous mommy makeup simultaneously.

So, this is how it goes step by step:

  • Right after I finish my compact powder and mascara application I go straight to the next step
  • I draw small, but defined lines with this pen along the underneath of my eyebrow (The darkness/contrast of the line depends on how hard or gently you press the pen when drawing the line, which makes it easier to create natural or dramatic eyebrows – the choice is yours)
  • Just as previous step, I draw a broken line along the top of my eyebrow (where the gaps tend to show/stand out between hairs), but focusing on the mid to tail end of the eyebrow rather than just drawing a line all the way from inner brow. Please try to avoid the inner eyebrow in this step for natural look
  • Next is to fill in the mid section of the eyebrow with heavier strokes, again, please do not start at the inner eyebrow, this makes it look way too fake
  • I then pick up an eyebrow brush (or you could use an old/dried mascara wand, whichever you have at hand or are comfortable with) and spread the already applied product a little away from the inner eyebrow right up to the tail of the eyebrow.
  • Final step: Since the eyebrow hairs have already picked enough of the product color, you can keep brushing through the eyebrow with the brush (not pen) to smoothen/blend out the inner and rest of the eyebrow until you are satisfied with the intensity of the color.

C360_2015-10-08-09-35-32-255This is how my eyebrow looks with the tattoo pen from Mikyaji. Excuse me for no filter/edit 

I find it quick and easy, most importantly helps get that beautifully defined daily look for my eyebrows, when in a hurry. I can honestly vouch for the long lasting and non-smudge effect, since once it dries I do not have to worry about my son touching my eyebrows in the fear of messing them up:)

Hopefully you will enjoy trying this eyebrow “tutorial” using the Mikjayi Tattoo Pen as much as I do. It saves me so much of time.

If you have been using this or a similar product please leave your comments about how you liked/disliked it, perhaps there are better products in the market. Just let me know;)