Barakat Quality Plus Factory Tour

Barakat Quality Plus

Barakat Quality Plus

Barakat Quality Plus Factory Phase I. Jebel Ali Ind. Area 2 catering to Hospitality & Retail Industries.

This post is most fit for the season of the Holy month of Ramadan as it is around the corner and couple of days away. Hence, the reason for reserving the post. Not to mention that it is still practical throughout the year for those who are meticulous about their health and nutritious eating and drinking habits.

As part of family traditions in Ramadan, and especially during summers in UAE, where heat is at its peak, most families opt to stock up on ready to drink healthy juices and smoothies to quench that thirst at Iftar meals. What better way to break your fast than by natural juices you are confident do not have any added flavors and sugar? For those of you who offer natural juices off the supermarket shelf to your kids, you could vouch for the quality of Bakarat juices if you either: have had tried their range of juices and smoothies OR had a life time opportunity to witness the juice production process of carefully picked fruits and vegetables. I vouch because both, I have tried and witnessed the production process:)

Consumers often purchase so called “natural” juices at supermarkets and groceries without focusing on the ingredients list, and many a times most supermarket shelves are stocked up on variety of natural juice brands, which do not necessarily are all “natural”.

Most of you might have heard or already know about this brand of bottled juices labelled Barakat. Those of you who know and have tried Barakat’s most natural juices, know that they are by far the only true sugar, preservatives & concentrates free juices in the market. (This post is not sponsored. It is an honest review).

Prior to being invited to eyewitness behind the scenes at Barakat Quality Plus factories, I was already a loyal customer of their juices and smoothies. I just love how their smoothies taste, it’s a meal on its own.

Networking with my fellow bloggers and friends.

Networking with my fellow bloggers and friends.

Bloggers and reviewers were invited to gather and network at Fresh & Easy Shop, located in Jumeira. Following the chit chat, we were introduced to the General Manager of Barakat, Mr. Santosh who familiarized us with the company’s values and their sincere work attitude. Barakat in translation from Arabic relatively means blessings or prosperity. And it truly is. We were explained about the measures taken at each production stage at Barakat to ensure that only fresh and highest quality products were delivered with utmost Health & Safety guidelines. I can’t testify enough how clean, sanitized and spotless Barakat facilities are! As a cleanliness freak, I tend to observe surroundings wherever I go and honestly I could not find a spot that would draw my attention. Bravo to the entire Barakat management and team (applauding).

Variety of juices from Black Lemonade to Coconut with Vanilla. So refreshing.


Hundreds of flavors

Hundreds of flavors

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

The factory tour to Barakat Quality Plus was a mind-boggling experience for all of us along with my fellow bloggers and reviewers. The size of their (Barakat Quality Plus) factories, the sophisticated equipment and techniques practiced to achieve the most natural and delicious juices and smoothies, their dedicated workers and chefs, and each process carried out to deliver the best quality, all was a wonderful experience for all of us.

At the factory. Thermal coats are a must as all Barakat raw materials are temperature controller.

At the factory. Thermal coats are a must as all Barakat raw materials are temperature controlled.

We had the pleasure of meeting each other post the tour, networking and discussing what juice, salad, smoothie and ice-cream each liked the most. Personally, I tasted every possible product from their range and fell in love. How could you possibly not love a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, when you have dozens of flavors for every mood and taste. But I still have my all time favorite juice flavor from Barakat, the carrot juice.

My favorite carrot juice.

My favorite carrot juice.

Check out Barakat range of:

Juices available in various bottle sizes as well a detailed ingredients list Barakat Juices

Ice cream range. Did you know that Barakat Quality Plus has a dedicated Chef who has created 200+ flavors of ice creams? See for yourself Barakat Ice Creams

The process of vegetables peeling, slicing, chopping, dicing, packing etc at Barakat is so precise and pleasing Barakat Fresh Vegetables


Lettuce leaves sanitation process

Lettuce leaves sanitation process

Chopped onions

Chopped onions


Pre-packing of vegetables at Barakat factory

Pre-packing of vegetables at Barakat factory

Post Factory Tour- Fresh Juices & Food Tasting Session

This shrimps salad is everything


Good to know Facts

  • Barakat fresh juices, smoothies, light lunch meals, soups, sandwiches and much more are easily available in most major supermarkets, ENOC & EPPCO gas stations and in their Jumeira Fresh & Easy café as well
  • Barakat distributes packed fruits and vegetables to Dubai’s leading Airline company
  • Barakat products are sold at one of the world’s top coffee shops
  • Barakat caters to industries such as Hotels, Hospitality, Retail Businesses
  • Barakat has an in house juice bottles rinsing, filling, capping, labeling, and packing solutions, aside from juice processing
  • Barakat has its own record of converting fruit to juice in 4 minutes. It has a huge capacity to produce up to 25k litres of fresh citrus juices/ day
  • Barakat has its own in house lab to test each production batch which is then followed up by an independent off-site lab analysis.

Barakat Contacts


Seraphine Store in Dubai Festival City Mall

Seraphine Flagship Store opens in Dubai

“Seraphine, Dubai’s one-stop store, fulfilling all your maternity & babymoon fashion needs “

Seraphine Dubai

Breathtaking interior décor


Dubai Festival City, 1st floor

Dubai Festival City Mall, 1st floor


A Seraphine frame group photo with fellow bloggers in Dubai.

A Seraphine flower frame group photo with fellow bloggers in Dubai.



Girls having fun during the opening of Seraphine store in Dubai Festival City Mall


Canapés served

Canapés served


Love. Dubai. Seraphine.

Love. Dubai. Seraphine.

Seraphine Maternity Wear

Most mothers will agree that prior to becoming pregnant and giving birth, wardrobe shopping in Dubai is a paradise on earth; whereas maternity wear options become painfully limited when a woman becomes pregnant. Not any more, ladies. Seraphine, one of a kind luxury maternity wear store is now open in Dubai’s most popular Festival City Mall.

During the official opening of the Seraphine store a couple of days ago I discovered stunning maternity collections. Speaking of high-end & glamorous fashion, Seraphine gowns & dresses are some of the most loved picks of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She has been spotted wearing Seraphine’s popular dresses on several occasions, which caused a massive hype among the fashion fans.


Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge wearing Seraphine dress


Kate Middleton spotted wearing Pink Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress

So mamas-to-be, if you run out of stylish maternity wear options in Dubai, or are looking to rejuvenate your mama fashion, you need look no further than Seraphine store for all your babymoon shopping needs.


Stylish & Versatile Breastfeeding Shawl

Nursing Shawl in Ice Blue Bamboo Summer

Luxury Knitted Nursing Shawl can be used for layered look


Nursing Shawl Ice Blue Bamboo Summer

Stylish Nursing Shawl Ice Blue Bamboo Summer


Seraphine’s maternity fashion line does not end there; it extends from Maternity Dresses to Maternity Jeans, from Maternity Swimwear to Exclusive range of Baby Clothes & many more. Explore the entire collection on Seraphine website

Long Sleeve Pink Trim Cotton Baby Grow

Long Sleeve Pink Trim Cotton Baby Grow


Seraphine Maternity Jeans

Seraphine Maternity Jeans


Seraphine Dubai 3

Women In Business Networking Event #03 Edition in Photos

A selfie with Nour.  Follow us on Instagram @mrssrs1987 @womeninbusinessuae

Selfie with Nour.
Follow us on Instagram @mrssrs1987
@womeninbusinessuae for more events

Women In Business

Where: Bertin Bistro on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
When: Tuesday, 12th April 2016 at 9:45AM
Why: To support, share and empower the Women In Business
Who: Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Bloggers etc
How: By invitation from Mother&Baby Club
Instagram account Website

Instagram account

Group Photo

Group Photo by @PicturePeopleUAE


With gorgeous Kristina

With gorgeous Kristina


Tory Burch Boutique Launch in City Walk


Tory Burch is the Chairman, CEO and the designer of the American lifestyle brand, launched in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood in early 2004. The brand represents distinctive style and intricacy of its founder Tory Burch, an inspiring woman.


TB store interior. How beautiful are the flowers?

The designer’s brand collection incorporates handbags, accessories, watches, ready to wear and shoes etc. Tory Burch is one fast expanding and popular designer brand, with number of its boutiques present around all the continents.

As I was invited to the launch by The Female Network, a platform for connecting and empowering successful women around the world, to attend the launch of Tory Burch boutique in City Walk, Dubai, I got to witness the top-tier luxury boutique exclusive of public eye. It was indeed an amazing launch and event that brought together many successful and inspiring women in town.


With the gorgeous and inspiring Shereen Mitwalli



Tory Burch has already well established its presence in the UAE, with several boutiques across the Emirates. The Tory Burch store interior design in City Walk was custom assembled to match the rest of the Tory Burch stores around the world. The new TB store is breath taking with its entire interior design and collection of shoes, handbags and accessories etc.


Ready-to-wear collection


Accessories at TB boutique


Women In Business Networking Event

Women In Business

Where: Emporio Armani Café at the Mall of the Emirates
When: Tuesday, 17th November 2015 at 10AM
Why: To gather, share and empower the Women In Business
Who: Almost 50 World Beauties
How: By invitation from Mother&Baby Club





Our personalized name mugs




Shireen-Mama’s Box (left) & Nour


My personalized name mug;)



A Group photo

Some of the most beautiful and inspiring women in business who hosted and shared their stories. Thanks to everyone who made it a success.

Top hosts and speakers. Check out their websites for more information:

Farhana Bodi