Launch of Dana Bazaar 2015 by ADIB & Dubai SME

Highly reputed ADIB & Dubai SME launch Dana Bazaar for Female Entrepreneurs



Dubai-Store booth set up. Find out more about the products on

Great news and opportunity for all the Female businesswomen in the UAE to gain high public exposure and awareness for their businesses.

ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) in cooperation with Dubai SME have launched first of its kind Female entrepreneurs oriented platform in Dubai to help exhibit and promote their start-up and home-based businesses to the public – the Dana Bazaar.

The exhibition was well organized and delivered by most talented hosts in town. By no surprise Dana Bazaar has witnessed great attention and high number of visits, which was held from 10 – 12 December 2015, timings 10AM -10PM at the Dubai sports City.

It was indeed a great start for many Female entrepreneurs as they were given an opportunity to showcase their products and services at the Dana Bazaar 2015 free of cost, contrary to having to struggle to promote their work from home. It is an amazing initiative as there is no nationality restriction to participate. Dana Bazaar has proved its efficiency as all of exhibiting participants had good sales and marketing options.


The Dana Bazaar was open for public, with no charges for entry. The organizers had set up various children’s play corners along with lots of activities for families to enjoy together. There were lots of other educational and entertainment activities, such as health and beauty workshops and seminars delivered by professionals free of charge.

The exhibitors’ services and products varied from Fashion & Beauty to Food, Health Care services and Baby products etc. The public visitors had lots of fun too, as ADIB & and Dubai SME had daily prizes and raffles.


Overall it was a great experience, as I got to exhibit my own business products alongside other businesswoman. I met a lot of inspiring women with great achievements, who I made friends with.

Let’s wait for the next round of Dana Bazaar market as I am confident ADIB & Dubai SME will always be there to support women in all their career beginnings. They have proven their appreciation for women empowerment over the years.

AlWasl Vita Mall Market

It has been almost a week since the Market day on 20th & 21st November in AlWasl Vita Mall, organized by MotherBaby Club.

The venue : Al Wasl Vita Mall

It has been our utmost pleasure showcasing our products, interacting with other vendors and customers and of course making new friends!

Here are few quick photos taken during the Market day:

Myself, Founder and CEO of

Me- taking a deep breath 🙂 standing right in front of our stall


Our first little customer 🙂


Wide variety of items to choose from different sellers/vendors. Please scroll down to find each vendors contacts below by the corresponding Number:


Our very own stall:) Please check out the Online Store:

Number 1: Embroidery & more


Number 2: Elite & hand made accessories


Number 3: Nursery


Number 4: Leather Bags

Number 5: Hand made candles

Number 6 & 7: Bracelets & Accessories / Household glass items

Number 8: Hand made bracelets


Number 9: Hand made bracelets


Number 10: Jewellery



Number 11: Ready made shoes


Number 12: Girls Clothing


Number 13: Girls Dresses



Number 14: Girls Dresses


Number 15: Crafts





Vendor contacts

Name Business  Contacts
1 Sandra Naser Embroidery & more 050/1019508
2  Glamorous Penguins Elite & hand made accessories 052/8922629
3 Green Grass Nursery Nursery  04/3855959
4 Adel Leather Bags  050/6571803
5 Art Candles Hand made Candles  055/1023545
6 My Accessories Bracelets & Accessories 050/4776221
7  My Accessories Household glass items 050/4776221 ; 050/6258796
8 Sandra Abou Assali of Charm Dxb Hand made bracelets  052/9085094
9 Zaky’s Little Love Hand made accessories  050/1972338
10 Taleed Jewellery  050/5083320 ; 055/5576520
11 Caldo Shoes- Nausheen Hasib  Ready made shoes  050/1459533
12 Itsy Bitsy Girls Clothing  055/9557405 ; 050/7709659
13 Twinkling Tots Baby Girl Dresses  056/6740507
14 Aniiq Kids Baby Girl Dresses 056/6466377
15 Kilimanjaro African Gallery  Crafts 056/3943410

The Market Day by MotherBabyClub

I have not forgotten to share the exciting event news, I have been overwhelmingly busy with my ongoing project.

Nonetheless, I am now making it up to you my dear followers and sharing a brief about the Market Day organized by the fabulous MotherBabyClub on the 30th Oct, 2015, held in Mirdif Uptown.

I can’t tell enough positive words about the event; it was simply amazing and entertaining for both kids as well as adults. The organizers ensured to provide engaging and fun activities for the kids, while the adult visitors went shopping from around the stalls.

As for me, I participated both, as a Mommypreneur debuting my products, and a visitor. I found out that there were plenty of interesting items showcased for sale. It is really worth a visit, especially that products differ from table to table. So you are exposed to a huge variety of products in the Market Day.

Here are some photos taken during the busy Market day:

20151030_191554 (2)That’s my table with my unique products:)

20151030_191613 (2)Just one more:)

Yes, I almost forgot to mention, we also got goodie bags from the MotherBabyClub with amazing and useful products custom picked from several brands.

IMG-20151031-WA0000 (2)

I personally strongly recommend every parent and residents of UAE to keep up with the MotherBabyClub on their upcoming events. There is already one event scheduled for the month of November, where I will hopefully participate as a seller.

Please do come down and join us all for a great fun time out and shopping.

You may wish to like or follow the MotherBabyClub on their Social pages:

MotherBabyClub Facebook

MotherBabyClub Instagram