About Sultan

Allow me to introduce my little gentleman, Sultan.

He was born on 24th October 2014 in Latifa Hospital, Dubai, weighing whopping 3.9kg (MashaAllah) and as tall as 51cm. IMG_20141025_153156

His name was picked last minute by his daddy and most of our relatives and friends were not aware of the name up until he was born.

Our baby has been very strong and healthy (MashaAllah) and was able to hold his head up without support from birth on.

He has been exclusively breastfed up to 5 months old; I would have continued breastfeeding, however, he had started showing interest in solid food. Since then we had decided to introduce him to vegetables/fruits purees and meat/chicken snacks. He loves to eat from the meals that we usually prepare at home.

He is around a month old in this photo:)

This is just a little about my Prince Sultan’s arrival to our world. Keep checking back for his updates and milestones.

Alternatively, you may follow his personal Instagram Profile for his best photo shots.