71 years of Peace since the WWII



This year, 2016, marks 71 years of WWII Victory Day, celebrated annually on 9th May. This special holiday has been observed by millions of loyal generations in more than 15 ex-Soviet Republics with utmost patriotism and recognition over the past 71 years.

In anticipation of WWII Victory Day Anniversary (9th May), I would like to dedicate this short biography post to my maternal grandparents, Askerov Abdulhuseyn Asker oglu & Sharifova Ramziya Noureddine kizi.

I cannot imagine or narrate about them apart. These great people, husband and wife, father and mother, grandparents, philanthropists and chiefly WWII Veterans lived together for 68 years till death did them part. .

Askerov Abdulhuseyn was a participant of 2 wars- the Finnish and WWII. He was a great soldier serving his National duty. He selflessly fought and survived a blockade in Leningrad (modern day Saint Petersburg city, Russia). Due to severe contusion he was demobilized and had to return back, to home city, Kusari, Azerbaijan. He lived his entire post war traumatic life with shatters in his body (back / spine) and suffered major physical aches. We recall him teary-eyed, telling us about those painful and emotional blockade years that he had endured at youth.

Sharifova Ramziya – the daughter of a revolutionist, poet-writer Noureddine Sharifov. She worked at the city hospital as senior medical nurse. She was a serious-minded and courageous woman. Back in those days, doing a parachute jump was considered a great bravery (if not heroism, especially that it was impossible for women). However, my grandmother, Ramziya did it. She actively organized and participated in community well-being of her city. National control and party affairs – these were a substantial part of her life. She was thought highly of and respected in the community.

My beloved grandparents, thank you for the peace, love and heroism you demonstrated throughout your lives. I am honored to be your granddaughter. Low bow to you. Thank you for the Victory!

You are forever remembered and loved. Memory eternal.